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Thursday, September 28, 2006

DoobaDoo - Mai Chai Poo Chai

DoobaDoo, this band isn't a ladyboy or anything but this video starring by Nong Poy and this song 'Mai Chai Poo Chai (I'm not a guy)' is a almost lady boy fave song with a bit of pop-jazz. Its so cool and cathy song!

DL: DoobaDoo - Mai Chai Poo Chai


Mum Lakoenik - Be my Guest

Be My Guest. Compilation album. 13 tracks. Feat. Nareekrajang, Nino, Golf Benjapon, Mum Lakoenik and more...a nice track 'Kwam Rub' sing by Mum. This album released 6 May 2006. Check it out!

DL:Mum Lakoenik - Kwam Rub (Secret)


Saving Private Tootsie

In 2002, Saving Private Tootsie inspired by a real-life event in December 1998, this action-packed comedy follows a group of Katoeys (ladyboys) caught in a border dispute after their plane crashes. A group of six straight soldiers reluctantly takes on a mission to save them- but first they must attempt to cast aside their personal prejudices in order to tackle the task. Starring by Dr.Seri Wongmontha, Ma Ornnapa Krissadee, Som-O Yonlatree Komgrong. Let's check website

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Thames Martin feat. Tata Young

Thames and Martin they're ex-member of boyband called 3 plus 1 and they're coming back to the music scene. This album they work with hot gals Tata Young in her old song 'Klub Pai Kor Mai Ruk Ter...Muen Derm' that's good track. Here it is!

DL:Thames Martin feat. Tata Young - Klub Pai Kor Mai Ruk Ter...Muen Derm

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Koh - Freshy

This is 1st album of Koh Theerasak called 'Freshy Freshy' included smash hit track 'Non Fun Dee (Sweet Dream)'. It's really cute song! Now he goes to beauty line and very success with Kory Serum.

DL: Koh Theerasak - Non Fun Dee (Sweet Dream)

The Last song the poster censor version

Which one do ya like? From the re-make movie 'Pleng Sud Tai (The Last Song)' I'll upload their classic soundtrack soon!


Mum - Term Jai Hai Kan (Original Version)

The classic soundtrack song 'Pikinu & Muham'in 80's(not sure) and for TV Drama in 90's. This is Original Version by Mum Laconic This song is very rare so enjoy it ... ahhh the old days lol

DL:Mum Laconic - Term Jai Hai Kan


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mum Laconic - 'Kwam Lab (Secret)'

Mum Laconic - 'Kwam Lab (Secret)' from album various artist 'Be My Guest'


Sunny U-4

Sunny U-4 - Tack Team
Sunny is a one of famous Thai ladyboy. she was a member of boyband 'U-4' and now she's transsexual already! so I got U-4 album 'Tack Team' and this is my fave song Enjoy!

DL : U-4 - Kod Ther Wai & Ru Kor Ru


Monday, September 11, 2006

Ma On-Napa - 'Reard' Make Up

Ma On-Napa - 'Reard' Make Up
from her beauty magazine + VCD


Miss APSA ( Miss ALCAZAR Purple star Award ) 2005.

Miss APSA 2005 was Yonlada Komklong. A 24-year-old student from Thammasat University has won the Miss APSA 2005 transsexual beauty contest staged at Alcazar Theater on November 5. Runner-up was 20-year-old Amataya Chaiyakod, and in third place was Supapit Sri-A-morn, 24, who also won a prize from the media.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

'Nong Poy'

'Mai Chai Poo Chai - Doobadoo' starring by Poy Threechada and she is Miss Queen International 2004 and Miss Tiffany 2004. Really cute song!

Doobadoo - Mai Chai Poo Chai (I'm not a guy)

'Som-O' on VOLUME

Yonlatree Komgrong 'Som-O' on VOLUME vol. 1 no. 4 June 2005


Som-O in 'Pra-Tuang' MV

'Tai Tanawut's hit song 'ประเทือง' (Pra-Tuang) hot music video starring by Som-O Yonlatree Komkrong. She's famous Thai lady boy and transgender.

ไท ธนาวุติ - ประเทือง MV