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Friday, February 23, 2007

Nadia Almada - A Little Bit of Action

The popuppular UK transsexuals.

The UK showed its fleeting love for transsexuals when Nadia Almada won Big Brother in 2004. Nadia Almada is a Portuguese reality television star, best-known for being the first transsexual winner of the reality show Big Brother UK. She released a music single called, "A Little Bit of Action" which charted at #27 in December, 2004
Let's check it out.

Nadia Almada - A Little Bit of Action Video


At 2/23/2007 1:35 AM , Blogger sexy_tata said...

haa thanks for posting that<<3
nadia is a deserving winner of big brother and the only transexual to be in big brother i saw that video ages ago and i still think it's cool even now lol and i haven't seen her now in a long time

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