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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Transgender Korean Celebrity Harisu to Wed in May

The transgender celebrity Harisu will be a May bride.
Harisu is to marry Micky Jung, a rapper six years her junior, at CentralCity in Banpo-dong, Seoul on May 19. The two families met last December and again in January to set the wedding date, the star told the Chosun Ilbo. Who will officiate and emcee has not been decided, nor has the honeymoon destination. Their married life is to start at the home in Nonhyun-dong, Seoul that Harisu shares with her parents.

Asked about the sensitive issue of babies, she said, “I asked my boyfriend, I can’t have a baby: what should we do? And he responded so naturally, ‘We can adopt.’ He consoled me saying the baby will be mine if I give it a blood transfusion.”

How do you feel after announcing your wedding plan?

It was difficult to keep it secret because the wedding has been planned for such a long time. I really wanted to announce it out of blue, but it was leaked.

What does marriage mean to you?

Fulfillment as a woman. To think in broader terms, it may mean that a socially shunned transgender person is recognized as a woman.

It must have been hard to get to the point of marriage….

Above all, we are so compatible and we really need each other. So we decided to get married.

How did your prospective parents-in-law react?

I went to see them last August for the first time. My boyfriend and I were really worried, but we were surprised how warmly they welcomed me.

Who first talked about adoption?

My boyfriend. He joked he is willing to adopt up to four babies.

Micky Jung, Harisu’s bridegroom-to be, was a member of a dance group EQ that was active during mid 90s. Since finishing his military service, he has been a rapper in the underground scene but held down a day job. He joined Harisu’s management company in 2005 and worked on her fourth album released in January 2006 and her summer special album that came out in June that year. They have recently started to appear on TV shows together. Their love apparently grew along with their career.

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