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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tood Soo Food (Kungfu Toosie) Trailer

In theatre this 19th July for more details click here

Tood Soo Food (Kungfu Toosie) Trailer

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Exclusive VF's clip video in studio

VF Step up!!

Venus Flytrap in stuido


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Venus Flytrap showcase at The Sukhothai Hotel

ShowCase at The Sukhothai hotel
14 Jun 2007, 20:00
South Sathorn Road


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

UK's Very Own Venus Flytrap

they're called the 'KIT KAT DOLLS' and they auditioned for Britian's Got Talent in front of millions of viewers and people who came to watch it Live not forgetting the one and Only Simon Cowell he actually liked it lol check it out


‘Katoeys’ hit the music scene


Venus Flytrap is Thailand's first ladyboys band to sign a record deal. The five members were picked from over 200 applicants.

THE singers of Venus Flytrap, the latest Thai pop group, were pretty in white bridal corsets during their virgin public performance last November.
In the middle of performing their debut single, Cause I'm Your Lady, the 10,000 audience at the Virgin Hitz Radio concert in Bangkok started murmuring.

The audience was not sure who we were, recalled Nok. They were thinking Venus Flytrap? Ladyboys? Ladyboys band?
Oh, oooohooi, the audience screamed when they realised that the five members of Venus Flytrap were katoeys (Thai for transvestites).

Introducing Posh Venus (Yonlada “Nok” Komklong), Hot Venus (Ploipaitoon “Bobo” Moukprakaaiphed), Cool Venus (Dhanade “Taya” Ruangroongroj), Naughty Venus (Topmonthawan “Gina” Boonchalee) and Sweet Venus (Rachakorn “Amy” Jaroensuk).

Named after a sensuous planet and an alluring carnivorous plant, the group is Thailand’s first katoey band to sign a record deal. The band is backed by Sony BMG, the global music joint venture with a roster of artists such as George Michael, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera.

Venus Flytrap grew out of Sony BMG's innovative project to launch a five-man, ermm women, ermm ladyboys pop group.
About 16 months ago, the record label auditioned katoeys from all over Thailand, searching for five who had the look, the voice and the showmanship.

Out of more than 200 katoeys, five coming from diverse backgrounds were picked to characterise Posh, Cool, Hot, Sweet and Naughty.
Posh Venus, 24, is the winner of Miss Alcazar 2005, a transvestite beauty pageant, Cool Venus, 24, is the first runner-up in the Miss Tiffany Transvestite Competition 2005, Hot Venus, 25, was a katoey pub singer in Pattaya while Naughty Venus, 21, and Sweet Venus, 22, are university students.

Sony BMG has heavily promoted Venus Flytrap on video screens at 7-Eleven outlets and BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) stations.
The music video has a scene of them running without any clothing while covering their upper bodies.

Thailand has welcomed the katoeys with open arms. Bobo attributes the acceptance to the tolerant nature of Thais who are mostly Buddhists.
“Anyway 50% of Thai men are gay,” noted Bobo, with a loud I-should-know cackle.

According to Taya, being a member of Venus Flytrap is her destiny. It gives her a great chance to be “a microphone to announce that katoeys can do other things besides stereotyped jobs such as hairstylists, make-up artists, cabaret dancers and go-go dancers”.
Venus Flytrap members are as womanly as any woman. More beautiful, perhaps. But can they sing like a woman?

Neung, soong, sam (Thai for one, two, three) and they crooned Cause I'm Your Lady acapella. Amazingly, they sounded like women.
Why do they sound so feminine? “We don't know,” the beauties said in unison. “Maybe it is a gift from God.”

“The Thai press asked us whether we underwent surgery to change our voices. But a ladyboy who goes for surgery can only sing in monotone,” Nok explained. “We can sing using a range of highest and lowest voices.”
“Have the five of you ...?” I asked, making a scissor-cutting gesture with my fingers. All except for Bobo. “I've not done it, that is why my voice is still deep, especially when I get angry,” she said in a very deep voice.

“Amy cut down there and at the same time she put something up here,” she added, pointing at her full chest.
Ha ha, the vivacious group laughed at Nok's gesture. The four probably were reminded of the pain they had to endure to become women.

Once Venus Flytrap makes it big in Thailand, the katoeys plan world domination. Starting with Malaysia,” Nok said. And they screamed like ravenous man-eaters.
“It is close to Thailand,” explained Amy, “and I love Malaysian men.”


Tood Soo Food (Kungfu Toosie)

'One man can fight like a hundred women' is a new movie from GTH 'Tood Soo Food (Kungfu Toosie). Read more interview about Sales Flyer For Thai Transgendered Martial Arts Comedy Kung Fu Tootsie HERE! and let's check there official site

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Film Tlffany 2007 in Thai news about liberty and rights of ladyboy in new constitution


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Harisu's Wedding

Oh! That's so sweet couple!