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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Poyd Threechada on Slim Up Magazine


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Boy AF3 - Kerd Ma Pen Tad Su Foot

The Ost. from lastest ladyboy movie 'Tud Soo Food(Kung Fu Toosie)' is 'Kerd Ma Pen Tad Su Foot(Born To Be Kung Fu Toosie)' by Boy AF3. Check it out!

Boy AF3 - Kerd Ma Pen Tad Su Foot

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Koko and Iron Ladies on Mars Magazine

Koko and Iron Ladies on Mars Magazine, March 2003

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Liu Xuanyi - Chinese ladyboy singer

Super-Condom Tranny
I don't really want to be 'tranny activist' and have to get all political and fight-for-your-rights. Or perhaps more accurately I get resentful when I have to deal with stupidity or malice in others, so I tend to overcompensate while lashing out. Or run away crying and plan to rain nuclear death upon entire continents. Either or.

So, I've just woken up from a pleasant afternoon nap while reading Li Cunxin's Mao's Last Dancer, and reminiscing on what a boon to the world the Chinese post-lunch snooze is. While reading my usual news feed overload of daily blogging I was like "Guangxi's first tranny? nah there'd be thousands there… nah actually they're all in Guangzhou".

Then I got to, "I must say, medical science did a pretty good job on him, eh, her." Oh really? You must say eh? Oh. And did you pause your typing stumps long enough to consider whether your witty remark had ever possibly perhaps been considered by anyone in the past millennium at all, or were you so caught up in the sheer brilliance of your razor-like mind doing the personal pronoun equivalent of inventing the wheel, you were like, omg! wtf! lol! and went on to hit the 'post' button feeling well-smug with yourself?

I'll probably regret it as I always do when I get snarky, imagining future decreases in employability from my lack of social graces, but once again, educate yourself coz you sound like the "gonna make you squeal like a pig" dude in Deliverance when you post rubbish like that.

Anyway, following the links to Shanghaiist where the title trannies in condom halter tops and anti-theft underwear manages to conjure up such profoundly funny images in my over-active imagination. And on to 变性美眉自创“安全套服装”秀火辣身材妖媚性感 where it all began, hot and spicy Nanning city trannies getting dressed up in condom clothes for World AIDS Day. Oh, and her name is 刘炫怡 Liú Xùanyí.


Liu Xuanyi MV

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Nok Posh Venus interview at At10

Nok or Sasha Posh Venus got an interview at At10 about why she quit the band of Venus Flytrap (Cos she got a new job and plan to do many thing for ladyboy social ext. politician), her fake identity card story and many her story. Check it out!!

Nok Posh Venus interview at At10 part 1

Nok Posh Venus interview at At10 part 2

Nok Posh Venus interview at At10 part 3

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Poyd Theechada in Slim Up Magazine ,July 2007

Wow! gorgeous this is Poy Theechada Miss Tiffany and Miss Queen International 2004 in Slim Up Magazine Vol.2, July 2007. She so beautiful and sexy. After she success in TV drama 'Rak Ther Took Wan' now she got many project in flim and many things. Go Go Gals!!


Monday, July 09, 2007

Koo Rad (The Odd Couple)

Koo Rad (The Odd Couple) in theatre 9th Aug. Staring by Mum and Seiki Oseki. Let's check their site Enjoy! and the ost. is coming soon.

Koo Rad (The Odd Couple) trailer

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Venus Flytrap in Out magazine

Venus Flytrap is featured in the current issue of Out magazine, which Chad White is on the cover. The girls are ranked as number 8 on "The Hot List of 2007" by the magazine. You go girlz!!!

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