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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TV Drama : Chai Mai Jing Ying Tae

'Chy Mai Jing Ying Tae (I'm a Woman, Not a man)' Mam Kathaleeya McIntoshwith Doo Sanya Kunakorn (1999)
Plot of this story adapt' from foreign novel. She(Mam)'s a beautiful women but poor. One day she saw the poster for ladyboy beauty competition. She see the light!, so she enter to this competition( by fake that she is the man who act be a women), which leading actor is the promotor. She win the 1st prize and love start silencely in their heart. But he's try to quit this love ('cos of he didn't know she's a real women).And..she's not brave enough to tell everybody that she's a real women.

I really like this TV Drama bcos some scence they show that a real guy can love a ladyboy. Hope you enjoy this!

Chaimaijing Yingtae's Playlist(1-121 Ending)

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