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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Poyd in Sudsapda vol. 27 no. 635

Poyd Treechada in Sudsapda Magazine vol. 27 no. 635 July 2009, Scoop Talk-A-Tive


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

B a Woman concert with Mum and Divas

Mum Laconic, Nantida, Wiyada, Radklao and Suthasinee in Samsung Presents.. Be a Woman Concert. The concert will be held Saturday November 28, 2009. At Royal Paragon Hall 2. Don't miss!!

Buy Ticket :

B a Woman concert's T-ser


Lua Lab Tab Tak (24/09/09) - Diana, Mathew and Ma

Lua Lab Tab Tak (24/09/09) - Diana, Mathew and Ma 7/9

Lua Lab Tab Tak (24/09/09) - Diana, Mathew and Ma 8/9

Lua Lab Tab Tak (24/09/09) - Diana, Mathew and Ma 9/9


Monday, November 23, 2009

Miss ACDC Pageant 2009

Miss ACDC Pageant 2009
12 Dec 2009
Bangkok Convention Hall,Central Ladprao
Buy Ticket :


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Papillon : inteview the group members

Nok : A graduate of the famous Ramkhamhang University with a Master’s Degree in Political Science
as well as 2 Bachelor’s Degrees in Food Science and Technology, and Humanities from Thammasat University, she became one of the lead singers in the Sony Records singing group ‘Venus Fly Trap’. She is a very well known celebrity in Thailand from her multiple television appearances. She is a published writer of her book ‘Ladyboy, Ladyboy’, and also has a jewelry company that is known by her name. She makes many personal appearances all over Thailand as president and spokeswomen of ‘The Transgender Women Organization of Thailand’.
Nok is 28 and stands 173 c.m. and is the former winner of the ‘Miss Alcazar 2005’ Beauty Contest

Lukpad : Currently is one of the exciting star performers of the famous ‘Alcazar Cabaret Show’ in Pattaya Thailand, where she was born.
She attends Rangsit University where she is majoring in International Business. In between all of this she also helps her family run the very popular tourist attraction ‘The Pattaya Elephant Village’
Look Pad is 23 years old and stands at 165 c.m. and was the 1st Runner Up in the ‘Miss Alcazar 2005’ Beauty Contest.

Kaht : Is a graduate of Standford College with a degree in Marketing who is currently running her own business in Bangkok ‘COOL CREW’
which specializes in selling up market ladies handbags. Previous to that Kaht was a model under contract for 1 year to the teenage Thai magazine ‘CHEEZE’. The magazine never knew she was a ladyboy. This is Kaht’s 1st experience in the recording industry but she still holds a fascination for the fashion industry and one day plans to have her own line of clothes. Kaht is 28 years old, stands at 165 c.m., and is an avid collector of Barbie dolls and loves to sing.

Ex :Worked for the Canadian company M.A.C. as a cosmetician and make up artist before becoming a runway model. She then went on to runway work in Europe for many of the top clothing designers as she dreamed of one day becoming a singer. This is the first singing group that Ex has been a member of. Born in Surin, Isan a small city in North East Thailand, Ex is 25 years old and stands at 171 c.m. and loves sports and watching movies

Venus :Hails from the Bangkok area and is one of the best singing ‘Ladyboys I ever seen in Thailand. If she would not be a member of “Papillon “ sure she would be soon a very successful solo singer She work already in the entertainment industry as a singer since many years. Venus is 27 years old, stands at 176 cm. and graduate on Vijitrapitaya school.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Lukpad in Reang Lao Chao Nee


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lukpad in Khuy Hak Kong talk about Nathan

Lukpad in Khuy Hak Kong talk about Nathan @ Inside 1/2

Lukpad in Khuy Hak Kong talk about Nathan @ Inside 2/2


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lukpad phone in Chae Tae Chao on TV

Former singer Nathan Oman has been charged with lying about a movie career. Now he faces accusations he's a criminal. Ridiculed for months in the Thai-language press over his claim to have a starring role in a Hollywood film.

And today Lukpad told Nathan borrowed the money from her mother Bt300,000 and some other people for tourism operation in Kenya.

Lukpad still be in gossip about Hi-So Nat Thephasadin and VJ Woonsen break up becasue of her but Lukpad say that isn't real.

Lukpad phone in Chae Tae Chao on TV


Thursday, November 12, 2009

เฉือน : Slice

After a string of murder cases, involving mostly male victims being severed from the police are still baffled by the case and have no clue linking a murder suspect. An ex hitman named Tai, turned informant, tries to fill in the details of this baffling case. But the police simply disregard his valuable input, until now. The situation changes when the next victim is revealed as the son of a government official. The order is put out to capture the murderer at all costs. The police have nowhere to turn to for clues and so must revert to Tai for leads. But information from the Tai comes with a price. First he requests his freedom. In return, he promises to apprehend the murderer within 15 days. To make sure he can deliver the murderer as promised, his wife is held against her will until he can deliver the murderer. With Tais expertise in tracking down people, the ex hitman uses what he knows to gain insight and clues to the case. Remembering that one of his childhood friends has a history of mental illness that shows in the form of resenting the male species in general, thus starts a chase for the murderer. Tai must now duel it out and hopefully catch the right man.

เฉือน : Slice trailer : Don't miss I realy like this movie!


Sunday, November 08, 2009

Memo Special Poyd Treechada

Nong Poyd in Memo Part 1 / 10

Nong Poyd in Memo Part 2 / 10

Nong Poyd in Memo Part 3 / 10

For More Click


Poyd in WiFi Touch Phone GNet Mobile TV AD

แค่ทัช ก็สัมผัสปอย (Just Touch It Like Touch Poyd)

Poyd in WiFi Touch Phone GNet Mobile TV AD

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Poyd is 1 of 4 APSW Thailand Ambassdors

Poyd Treechada is 1 of 4 APSW Thailand Ambassdors in concept 'New Life New Hope And New Social' with 3 celebrity and stars in Thailand. For more details


Saturday, November 07, 2009

Papillon News and 1st single Dangerous is coming

Finally, The new trans sexual pop band 'Papillon' got news with final 5 member are Venus, Nok Yollada, Lukpad, Kaht and Ex. I got the rumour that the girls is in studio and 'Dangerous' is 1st single. It's slow song but got the remix version for dance too by IM Music lable. They plan to relaease in German and Japan. For more details I'll post more soon. Go go Papillon gals!

Papillon shooting promo picture

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Poyd in new film 'In Love ... Duai Rak'

Poyd Treechada start the new romantic film 'In Love ... Duai Rak(With Love)' by The Action company and filming now. Release date on January 2010. Coming soon...


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Poyd in Volume Magazine, October 2009

Poyd Treechada in Volume Magazine vol. 5 no. 107 October 2009 in column surround vibe.


Monday, November 02, 2009

Haruna Ai - I・U・YO・NE

I・U・YO・NE released in 12-10-2008
1. I・U・YO・NE~
2. 艶桜フジヤマ・ナデシコ
3. I・U・YO・NE~(Instrumental)
4. 艶桜フジヤマ・ナデシコ(Instrumental)


Haruna Ai - I・U・YO・NE


Haruna Ai is Miss International Queen 2009

The newly crowned Miss International Queen is from Japan and is proud as punch. Oh yes, he is. beating Thailand's Kangsadal Wongducsadeekul for the crown. The last night of the annual pageant, held since 2005 in the Thai resort of Pattaya, saw 18 contestants from such countries as Thailand, China, the Philippines and the U.S. But for the first time the title went to a Japanese, in the form of popular talento Haruna Ai. One of the country's many "new half" transsexual personalities, Haruna was in shape to enter the contest after undergoing a radical diet program for a variety show earlier this year. And although the pageant's website gives the eligiblity age range as 18-36, an exception was presumably made for Haruna, who is 37. A successful business owner as well as a bubbly TV natural, Haruna leaped to fame in 2007 with a tongue-in-cheek impersonation of popular pop idol Matsuura Aya.

In addition to the winner's trophy and tiara, Haruna receives cash prizes totaling $10,000 and gifts from sponsors. Haruna and fellow Japanese Tukishima Beni also won prizes the night before when they took the top and runner-up spots at a talent contest. The weeklong event is produced and organized by Tiffany’s Show Pattaya, the world’s largest transvestite/transgender cabaret show and supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

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