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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Alicia Liu Taiwanese model is a transsexual!

Taiwanese model Alicia Liu (Xun Ai) has admitted that she is a transsexual.

The 24-year-old model-cum-actress, nicknamed Xiao Ai, said she underwent sex-change surgery at the age of 18.
“My ex-boyfriend paid for it,” she said in an interview with a Taiwan magazine on Friday.
Liu, whose original name was Zi Hua, became popular following her appearances on a parody television programme.
She was described as having a face as innocent as an angel with sexy curves and a sweet voice.

She is 171cm in height and weighed 50kg with a vital statistics of 34C-25-34.
Liu’s “real” identity was exposed when a schoolmate a year her junior revealed her “secret” on the Internet recently.
The schoolmate had also attached a photo taken from the school’s graduation album, in which Liu was placed in the male category.

After that, Liu called for a press conference to state that she was happy with her current name and identity.
“As far as I can remember, I love being a woman. The past is not important,” she said while showing reporters her identity card, which stated that she is a female.
She neither denied nor admitted the rumour at that press conference.

However, on Friday, a week after the press conference, she admitted that she was a transsexual, reported China Times.
Liu said she had always been treating herself as a woman. She wore a skirt to school and used the female toilets.
She had five boyfriends and it was her second lover who paid for her operation.
The model also said she had a normal sex life like any other women. Some of her ex-boyfriends did not know of her true gender.
Her fifth lover, also a model, had shouted vulgar words upon finding out that she is a transsexual.

She thanked her family for their support.


Monday, January 25, 2010

All Thai ladyboys stars in Missladyboys Award 2009

Lukpad, Nok Yollada, J' Jha, Poyd, Jakerin, Jazz, Amp the last song and many beautiful Thai ladeez-b in Missladyboys Award 2009

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lukpad in Top Awards 2009

Top Awards 2009 1/10


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Poyd interview in 3Num 3Mum Tonight 28-10-09

3Num 3Mum Tonight special talk about 6th sense story with special guest Poyd Treechada, Mor Krit, Nun Kongkrapan & more

3Num 3Mum Tonight (28/10/09) 1/4

3Num 3Mum Tonight (28/10/09) 2/4


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Missladyboys Award 2009

Missladyboys Award 2009, 23rd Janurary 2010 at Major Ratchayothin, 7th theatre zone.
You'll see many famous Thai ladyboys there. Don't miss! COntact K'Cream 089 - 6754998 , K'Palm 085 - 0880486

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Shade of Divas, the sassy ladyboy show in Thailand

Shade of Divas is an Thailand pop ladyboy group, dance ensemble and showgirl lip sync with great show. The member are Lukpad, Taya, Wattina, Spice and some more girls. They love to perform with classic and new song. Guarantee by the leader Lukpad who's Miss Alcazar Lipsync Contest 2008. Be come a Shade of Divas fanpage HERE and Shade of Divas Website is coming soon..

โชว์ Shade of Divas : Alcazar Pattaya - Hilight Show HQ

โชว์ Shade of Divas : Alcazar Pattaya - Hilight Show II HQ

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