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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wattina live performance with Nir de Volff

The Ministry of Truth
Live Performance "การแสดงละครเต้นร่วมสมัย"
by Nir de Volff / TOTAL BRUTAL
for Goethe-Institut Thailand
a Jitti Chompee Production
with the support of Patravadi Theatre
March 05 and 06; 8 p.m.
Patravadi Theater
tickets at
400B, 200B (students)
more information:

The Ministry of Truth

The performance "The Ministry of Truth" present the shameless exhibitionism of the individual, the need to control or be controlled by others and the need to win in order to change one's life, or to strength the life he is living
The TV formats "Big Brother" serves as a frame of reference. the Phenomena of the "Big Brother" was created in the original book of George Orwell "1984" written in 1949.
In the contemporary format of the show, the "Big Brother's" function, is no longer the same as in the book! he looses his power to the audience . it is no longer the " Big Brother's" power of George Orwell that functions by means of applying a considerable amount of psychological pressure to believe in slogans such as, WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, and IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH, throw it is the power of the audience that vote determines the winner. Although there exist slight local variations among the many international versions of the successful "Big Brother" concept of evoluntary incarceration, the basic structure remains constant:
"House guests" move into accommodations especially constructed for the show, where each of their actions is recorded by cameras and microphones and any contact with the outside world is strictly prohibited. in some countries reading and writing are forbidden, only the Bible, the Torah or the Koran are allowed. The last taboo left standing in this human zoo is the privacy of the act of defecation.
The core of the show and its entertainment value for the audience lie in the petty conflicts and psychological warfare among the house guests. Mistakes and weaknesses are played out, or openly criticized and ridiculed within the group. In order to win, the participants celebrate the total emotional and psychological exposure of themselves and their cohabitants; extreme emotional situations that culminate in temper tantrums and crying fits ensure viewing quotas and raise expectations for an enthusiastic audience participation in the weekly "who-is-in-and-who-is-out" voting ritual.

Gone are the times when an average citizen who presented himself on television could there by show off his knowledge or abilities, or at least the skills of his trained pet. The cameras now installed in the television zoos are merely intent on capturing the next emotional breakdown, the next act of verbal abuse, the next cat-fight or the next crying fit to raise the viewing numbers

The Ministry of Truth brings together western dancers and local Thai ladyboy, dancers and actors into this contemporary human zoo, present Gender and culture clashes.

Nir De Volff

Assistant Director, Producer
Jitti Chompee

Project Co-ordinator
Klittin Kiatmatha

Lerwit Sungsit
Amata Piyawanich
Rachanikara Kaewdee
Theerawat Thongmitr
Ido Portal
Elik Niv

Set Designer
Songwat Assawanont

Thee-thut Rasinanont

Suriya Phuengthongthai

Sound Engineer
Jitjaroon Niyomsiri

Costume Designer
Jaturon Raepech
Juthamard Soontrarachoon

Supported by Goethe Institute Bangkok

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