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Friday, October 29, 2010

Papillon release 1st single 'Dangerous'

Finally, The new trans sexual pop band 'Papillon' got news with final 5 member are Venus, Nok Yollada, Lukpad, Kaht and Ex release 1st single 'Dangerous' and launch official website and picture of cd album. It's slow song but got the remix version for dance too by IM Music lable. They plan to relaease in German and Japan. But For me the song is quite out of date and the video are trashy sorry to say but this is maybe good in 1999 but not in 2010. Everything look cheap design, artwork, logo, styling etc. This is not pop music industry are looking for and I bet this won't be a huge hit. They need to edit look to be more sassy, sexy and trendy please listen มารีญ่า (Mariah)'s song and lean her stlye if you wanna be a huge hit.

If this for rock or indie music it'll be great but not for Papillon!

Dangerous - Papillon

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pupae A Time in Luang Lap Tap Tak

Poyd in new GNet TV AD and She's a director too