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Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Iron Ladies - Satree Lex

Based on the true story of Thailand's 1996 national volleyball champions, this comedy follows a team transgendered players that wins its way into the competition.When Coach Bee, a new female coach, steps in to take over a team, she wants to choose her own players. Her first move is to select Mon, who was previously left off of the team for being gay. His addition causes several players to leave in protest--which leaves room for plenty of Mon's friends. Before long, only one team member is straight, and they finds that they are mowing down the competition! This underdog sports film was a massive hit in its native Thailand. This poster is inter-version and they also they're famous in Janpan and China so let's check their site (KoKo -Kokkorn Benjathikoon is really beautyful!! )

The Iron Ladies Official site

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