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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Nok Posh Venus interview at At10

Nok or Sasha Posh Venus got an interview at At10 about why she quit the band of Venus Flytrap (Cos she got a new job and plan to do many thing for ladyboy social ext. politician), her fake identity card story and many her story. Check it out!!

Nok Posh Venus interview at At10 part 1

Nok Posh Venus interview at At10 part 2

Nok Posh Venus interview at At10 part 3

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At 7/16/2007 1:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vids, Wattina! Nok looks lovely, as always. Maybe you can tell us Thai-challenged readers why she left the group? (Was it the money? I bet it was the money!)

BTW, Dailymotion has been deleting pandaree's videos-- they already took down four of them. You might want to think about using another site for videos some people might find "offensive."

One more thing-- you should check out this video by the Chinese ladyboy singer Liu Xuanyi. It's got a real "Visa for Love" feel.

At 7/16/2007 1:40 AM , Blogger wattina said...

For Nok I thnk she got a better job she didn't say actually for that!

pandaree's my friend I just add her to my frind I think she fine about use them on my blog

thanks info for Liu Xuanyi

At 12/05/2011 4:02 PM , Anonymous said...

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