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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Worlds youngest transsexual Kim Petras on This Morning

TV interview of German transgirl Kim Petras on the Morning Show. The interview draws a more realistic picture of Kim than in the CBS show "The Insider" on April 30, 2009. Kim speaks about her past as a boy and the latest single she has released: "Die for you".

Kim Petras 16 year old pop star from Germany. She became famous in internet after posting videos of herself singing on MYSPACE and youtube. Nice Girl isn't she ? You'll be surprise but htis is not ordinary girl. Kim Petras was actually born Tim Petras, but all his life he had dream to become a woman and after time turned 16 he had a sex change operation Now Kim Petras is the youngest person in the world ever to have such a surgery.

Worlds youngest transsexual Kim Petras on This Morning



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