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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Venus Flytrap - Total foreign news

News of Venus Flytrap in France
La Venus Flytrap est une plante carnivore, en francais on l'appelle aussi la Dionée attrape-mouche, mais la du coup ca fait moins jolie.

Venus Flytrap c'est aussi le nom d'un nouveau GirlsBand. Ce groupe est d'origine Thaïlandaise, et les cinqs membres du groupes sont toutes des femmes transsexuelles. Le casting est particulièrement réussit car elles sont toutes très jolies, mais ce sont aussi de très bonnes chanteuses. Ce qui est encore plus admirable car elles partent tout de même avec un voix plus masculine.

Il y a quelque temps, je vous avais parlé du groupe Lady sortit en Corée du sud, elles n'avaient fait que deux singles, un vrai flop. Espérons que Venus Flytrap ai plus de succès, car le concept semble plus travaillé.

Si vous avez 3 petites minutes, n'hésitez pas à regarder leur clip, vous serez surpris.

Voir le Clip Visa For Love

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News of Venus Flytrap in Japan
今までにありそうでな かったニューハーフの アイドルグループが、 この12月にソニー(タ㠂?ランド)からアルバ㠃?・デビューしました! そのグループの名は「 VENUS FLYTRAP」 訳すと「ハエ地獄?」

This file edit by from Chile fan

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Nok Venus Flytrap performance Oops Oh My at APSA 2006

Nok Venus Flytrap or Yonllada Komglong Miss APSA 2005 show lip-sync 'Oops Oh My' a hit R&B song from Tweet at Miss APSA 2006 awards. The show ‘Yollada In The Theatre’ Miss APSA 2005, Nok Yollada Komglong (Sasha Posh Venus), who had enjoyed her time of Miss Alcazar Purple Star Awards 2005 for the last whole year, presented her farewell song with the remarkable talent Umm..That's OK not too bad but I think she can do it better. For original vidz MV Oops (Oh My) - Tweet click here!

Yollada In The Theatre

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Friday, January 26, 2007

KITA Back To The Future Concert : Bring it Back!

For more pic CLICK!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

J' Jah from Oops! Magazine in Volume Dec 2006

J'Jah's columnist in 'Oops! Magazine' gossip magazine and TV show. She will give a rate for celebtity's dress and style in green light = great, yellow light = that's okay and red light = oops worst, that's big hit. Let's see and read her interview in Volume that's great. (pl. she's ex-winner Miss ACDC too.)

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Jida - A Nu Rak Feat Yutthana Boonaom
New Artist from Crafman Record 'Jida' with catchy single 'A Nu Rak (Conservative)' the song is mention about guys looklike gay or metrosexual style (Nowday, It's hard to find a real man for women!) written by Tul - Apartment Khun Pa and also featuring with Pa Ted - Yutthana Boonaom wow!. Let's check her offical website this is another cool gals!

DL: Jida - A Nu Rak (Conservative)

Jida - A Nu Rak (Conservative) Feat Yutthana Boonaom Video

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kita Back To The Future Concert

Marie France and UBC presents 'KITA Back to the future concert'
January 20, 2007 at RoyalParogon Hall, Paragon, open 19:00 start 20:00
fee 700/1000/1500/2000 Baht
If you love Kita record like me! Don't Miss this concert they're back such as Andrea, Fundee Funden, Aom Sunisa, T-skirt, Dr.Kids, U4 and many many more 40 artists expecialy with Sunny U4 Jack Jill and Ko Theerasak too. !!!

U4 - Mai Dai Kid Flashback!

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Robbie Williams - She's Madonna

Lastest single from Robbie Williams 'She's Madonna' from lastest album Rudebox. He plays a drag queen and a singer in the video OMG! Robbie is one ugly transvestite lol.

Robbie Williams - She's Madonna HQ Vidz

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Exclusive Interview with Venus Flytrap

Move over Girls and Boy-bands, the latest musical wonder to be hitting the airways are one of Thailand’s newest bands - consisting of only ladyboys!

Sony Entertainment (Thailand) are currently getting ready to market their hottest commodity on a big scale and proud to be the innovators of ‘Venus Flytrap’ who they have uniquely called Thailand’s first one and only ‘Ladyboy band’.

“Our ladyboy band members are not only as sexy as female stars but they are also just as talented” a spokesman from Sony said. Venus Flytrap’s 5 honey-bunnies are named as follows:
Hot Venus
Posh Venus
Cool Venus
Naughty Venus
Sweet Venus

This unique project was the marketing brains of Sony Entertainment who thought it was time that the pop music-mad public had more to chose from than just girly/boy bands. Sony opened their doors last year for auditions and the five beauties above were chosen for their looks, talents, skills and characters. They have been working together for a year.

“Not only do these ladyboys look like real women but their voices and dance-styles are just as identical too. Venus Flytrap have also been guided by famed foreign pop music experts such as Ingo Schoor and Marco Krismann from Germany. Their sound is said to be somewhere between the likes of Electronic House, New Wave and Eurasian Pop Sound.

Venus Flytrap were heard to say that they are immensely proud to be Thailand’s first ladyboy band and want to take the opportunity to promote rights for ladyboys and gays. On asked whether they had any worries about the response of anti-ladyboy establishments, the girls said “We are not worried in the slightest! We are very confident, believe in ourselves and give only our 100% effort. Besides, in this day of age, Thai society as a whole is becoming much more accepting of ladyboys”

Venus Flytrap admitted that they were encouraged and influenced by sexy rebellious Thai pop sensation Tata Young “A lot of people were once very anti-Tata but she stood up for herself, didn’t listen to her critics and just look at her now, she’s a mega superstar!

The ladyboys went on to say “We can promise you one thing and that is – we are not a resort cabaret show” “We are also hoping that our music will be enjoyed by everyone: children, teenagers, adults and grandparents"

“We are only the second ladyboy band in the world and take aspiration from the first ladyboy band ever (Korean) who became successful even though that country’s society is much more anti-ladyboy than Thailand’s”

Look out for Venue Flytrap….very very soon. Let's wish them the best of luck!

Written by Steve Suphan

Monday, January 15, 2007

Venus Flytrap in Lips Vol.8 Issue 12, December 2006

Venus Flytrap in Lips Vol.8 Issue 12, December 2006 in column E.T.C., HotLips.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Venus Flytrap Live Chat @ Zone Zaa TrueShop

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Nok or Sasha Venus new gallery

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Venus Flytrap's MySpace

MySpace is a social networking website offering a groub of music lovers for international promote. MySpace is popular culture now Venus Flytrap must got her own MySpace and it's here!! VFT's MySpace wow!! Hope you'll like it, Enjoy.. VFT power!!

Venus Flytrap debut album Visa For Love in stores NOW!

Ta-Dah! This is Thai's first transgender music groub 'Venus Flytrap' is set to release their first album 'Visa For Love' from SonyBmg (Thailand) and members Nok Sasha Posh Venus she won a Thailand beauty pageant awards in 2005, Taya Cool Venus was Ripley’s Most Beautiful Wo-man for 2005, Bobo Hot Venus, Gina Naughty Venus and Amy Sweet Venus. the girls debut album instore now and release their 1st single 'Visa For Love' and hits song 'Por Chan Pen Phu Ying Khong Ter (Cause I'm Your Lady)'. They're more than beautiful ladyboy, the new power of transgender sex appeal in the formerly conservative entertainment industry!!

Artist : Venus Flytrap
Album : Visa For Love
Label : SonyBmg
Released : 19 December 2006
Produced by Marco Krismann and Ingo Schnoor


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jin Xing in Tom Yum Koong ( The Protector)

Jin Xing (金星) is a ballerina and modern dancer from the People's Republic of China, and current owner of the Shanghai Ballet. She is the first transwoman officially recognized by Chinese government. Her film debut was in the Korean movie Resurrection of the Little Match Girl in 2002. In 2005, she appeared in the Thai movie Tom-Yum-Goong (The Protector) as the villain Madam Rose.

Tom Yum Koong ( The Protector) Trailer


Saturday, January 06, 2007

'Nok' Yonlada or Sasha Venus Flytrap in GM plus (re-post)

'100 crowns girl' is wording on the cover. 'Nok' Yonlada Komgrong or Sasha from Venus Flytrap on the GM plus cover vol. 20 no. 338 July 2006. She's Miss Apsa 2005 too... anyway so sexy girl!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Lady - ladyboy band from Korea

Lady is a Korean pop group, noted as the first transgender group from that country. The band consists of Sinae, Sahara, Binu and Yuna. According to the official story, they were the best out of hundreds who tried out to be part of this band. Although only three were supposed to be in the group, a fourth was added at the last minute.

Their formation was inspired by the emergence of Harisu, a Korean singer and actress, who is also transgendered. Sinae has previously appeared in commercials with a female dance group as well as a music video by Cho PD, and Sahara is a 2003 beauty pageant winner in Thailand and a former jeans model.

Lady released their first album in 2005, consisting of only a few tracks, with many of them being remixes of their first two singles, "Attention" and "Ladies Night". There was much attention given to them by the press, given their unique status as a transgendered band in a conservative country. However, they were able to perform on Korean music shows only a handful of times, while their music and videos were not well-received. In order to drum up more publicity, they released a photobook featuring nude shots of all the Lady members; this also failed to catapult them into stardom, however. They have since disappeared from the industry, and their official website has also closed down.

Lady - Attention

Lady - Lady's Night